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  1. What is a consulting arborist?

    A consulting arborist is a professional who practices arboriculture, also known as tree surgeon or, tree doctor, who gives consultation, advice or, recommendations about an individual tree or, ecological communities of trees to the tree owners or managers of complexes that have trees. 

  2. What is arboriculture?

    Arboriculture is the science and, art of planting, prunning, training, maintaining and, caring for trees and, designating tree locations in the landscape of an ecosystem of trees in the urban environment.

  3. What services does a consulting arborist provide?

    A consulting arborist provides tree or, palm problems advising or, consulting, tree and, palm inventory and, mapping, project monitoring (planting of trees or, palms or, tree trimming or, removal or, construction), resistograph testing, tree risk assesment or, tree or, palm inspection reports, tree health reports, advise on tree trimming and, removal, pest and, disease diagnosis and, recommendations, written specificacions on landscape planting and, maintenance, recommendations on organic mulching and, fertilizing, written specificacions on watering trees and, palms, recommendations for landscape planning and, design, tree appraissal and, other services concerning trees or, palms.

  4. Who needs to hire a consulting arborist?

    The people who call a consulting arborist are:

    1. Home and, farm owners who have trees

    2. Condominium and, apartment complex managers

    3. Hotel, motel and, hostel managers

    4. Government institutions

    5. Cultural and, recreational center managers

    6. Contractors who are working with trees

    7. Foresters who need a private arborist

    8. People who need information on certain species or, projects

    9. Nuts out of the blue!

  5. How much does your company charge for consultations?

    Hawai'i Arborist Services charges NOTHING, zero, zip, nada for consultations on the Island of Hawai'i (The Big Island).  For customers on the other islands, we charge a round trip plane ticket from Hilo to the Island where the consultation will take place plus automobile rent for transportation.

  6. How much does your company charge for your other services?

    The charges for the services provided are:

    1. Resistograph Testing for Tree Decay = $75.00 per tree or, palm.

    2. Organic Fertilization & Tree Mulching = depends on the number of  trees  or, palms or, the size of the area to be treated.

    3. Tree Risk Assessment Report = $75.00 per report.

    4. Tree Inventory = depends on the size of the project.

    5. Written recommendations on tree services (appraissals, landscape planting, landscape maintenance, mulching, fertilizing, watering) = $75.00 per report. 

    6. Tree Project Monitoring = $75.00 per hour, minimum charge $200.00 per project.

    7. Recommendations on tree trimming, tree removal, tree pest or, tree disease diagnosis = FREE.

    8. Tree & Palm Trimming  & Removal = depends on the size of the job.

    9. Landscaping + depends on the size of the project.

    10. Firewood Sales: 1 chord = $600 plus delivery outside Hilo.

  7. What kind of equipment does your company use?

    Hawai'i Arborist Services use chain saws, spikes, lowering devices, ropes, dump trucks, chippers, rakes, shovels, a resistograph machine to detect decay in trees and, palms, use climbing equipment to climb and, assess the trees, we use a skid loader to apply compost, cinder and, mulch, we use a mulcher to mulch tall grass and, weeds, we use a back-hoe to dig holes in the soft ground (not on solid rock), we use a stump grinder to grind stumps, we use rakes, shovels, blower, brush-whacker, we use a truck to deliver the aggregates, we use photo cameras (a drone for aerial pictures and, video) to take pictures and, video and, we use computers to develop maps and, write the reports.

  8. How often you trim palms and trees?

    Coconut palms are trimmed every four to six months within the city limits or in heavy traffic areas, fruiting trees are trimmed once a year and, ornamental trees are trimmed whenever needed.

  9. Can you keep an albizia tree as ornamental near your house?

    No.  Albizia trees were introduced to Hawai'i for the only and, unique purpose of reforestation.  They are fast growing trees which become very heavy and, are prone to breakage, they belong in the valleys, gulches, cliffs, rivers, streams, mountains and, DO NOT belong in your yard.  

  10. How much you charge for tree removal?

    I depends on the size of the job, the difficulty of the task, the amount of risk involved, the access to the tree, the distance from the road if we are hauling the green waste and, the choice of grinding the stump or, not.

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