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Palms are trimmed every four to six months inside the city limits or, in heavy traffic areas.  We use sharp knives to cut the fronds, spears and nuts, we leave the palms in a fountain-like shape so, they are still graceful and, do not sustain any shock from the trimming process. Fruit trees are trimmed differently the decorative trees. Fruit trees are trimmed for production: they are thinned out, the dead wood is eliminated, their crown is reduced by twenty five percent, lower branches are encouraged to grow horizontally and, the fruit producing branches are left alone. Décor trees are  trimmed once a year, they are raised for pedestrian and, car traffic, they are directionally trimmed away from the roof, the pool or,  anything they are interfering to, their crown is reduced by thirty percent and, the dead wood is removed from them.


An arborist is a professional who takes care of trees and, does everything to save, keep and, conserve them in a safe and, healthy manner.  There are situations when a tree has to go: if it is dangerous, sick, dead, structurally weak, decayed, hollowed, cracked, full of holes or, poses an imminent danger to the pedestrians or, hardscapes. Even when it is hit by a truck, by lightning or, is in the way of new construction. We can take care of your needs in this regard: we visually inspect them, test them with a resistograph machine, assess them and, give you options as how to proceed.

We use chain saws, chipper machines, dump trucks, skid-steer loaders, climbing equipment, lowering devices and, we have access to any tools needed to do the job.



A Certified Landscape Technician has the knowledge, the aptitude and, the ability to design, to plan and, to carry out those plans in order to perform a landscape of your yard or, vacant land.  We are able to clear land, remove any unwanted trees, keep the established trees, design a landscape plan with tropical palms, trees, shrubs, grass and, flowers. We will enhance the existing soil by adding more soil or, aggregates  such as compost, arborist chips, mulch and, the like. We will design an efficient watering system if needed and, plant the chosen vegetation.  Landscaping is such a vast profession, but a lot of fun when it comes to enjoy it.


The Certified Landscape Technician also knows how to cut down tall grass, mulch it, maintain a low-maintenance lot, how to feed the ground and, water it, how to keep the grass alive.  He also knows the appropriate nutrient content for the soil and, the remedies, tricks and, cures right for a specific lawn.  We use only organic fertilizers such as: compost, mulch, arborist chips, green sand, bone meal or, blood meal. We use green techniques as well, such as: elliptical cutting patterns which neutralizes ruts on the lawn and, grass recycling, which is pure nitrogen injected right back into the ground for an instant green. Our equipment consist of a mulching attachment on a skid-steer machine, riding mowers, brush-whackers, grass trimmers, blowers, etc...

A consulting arborist provides tree or, palm consulting, tree and, palm inventory and, mapping, project monitoring (planting of trees or, palms, tree trimming or, removal or, construction), resistograph testing, tree risk assessment or, tree or, palm inspection reports, tree health reports, advise on tree trimming and, removal, pest and, disease diagnosis and, recommendations, written specifications on landscape planting and, maintenance, recommendations on organic mulching and, fertilizing, written specifications on watering trees and, palms, recommendations for landscape planning and, design, tree appraisal and, other services concerning trees or, palms.
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Tree inventories are intended to provide the basic information on the plant population of a property in order to make informed management decisions. If you are a manager of a complex or, project, you have to have this information on hand at all times. Inventories can supply information on the tree genus, tree species, thickness of trunk, height of the tree, plant quantities, location, condition, approximate age and, maintenance requirements. Based on this information, sustainable management plans and rational budgets can be developed for the property’s care.  A skilled arborist has an intimate knowledge of ecosystems and can help enhance the natural health and, beauty of trees, shrubs and, turf by reviewing conditions on your property and recommending the least intrusive solutions that will prevent problems before they begin.


The resistograph is an instrument that detects decay and, cavities in trees and, timber. Through resistograph technology, an arborist is able to detect wood decay, stages of rot, hollow areas, cracks and, ring structure. The resistograph is an ideal device for estimating tree stability and longevity. The resistograph is based on a drilling resistance measuring method. It is used to determine the amount of decay in living trees, dead stems, roof beams, bridge timbers and, wooden framed houses. It is also used in root, trunk and, climbing inspections.  The resistograph is fast, accurate and, reliable. Its biggest advantage is that it detects decay with virtually no tree damage. It also enables an arborist to analyze annual ring structures and, to determine the growth tendency according to the width of annual rings. Its efficiency and reliability make it easy for homeowners to use. Because trees are everywhere, it has never been more important to be aware of the health and, well being of the trees on your property.  Trees that are healthy provide many different benefits for your home value, landscape and, even to the environment. Trees that are not healthy can work in the opposite way and,  can actually pose serious threats to property and, people. Prevent an accident before it occurs!

If you have trees on your property that concern you or, if you are just looking for general piece of mind, a professional examination by a licensed arborist can provide you with all of the information you need to make the proper decisions regarding your trees.

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A well-maintained landscape can help enhance the curb appeal of a home, control pollution and, reduce soil erosion, purify and, replenish our water supply and, provide oxygen to our atmosphere.

Using black compost, bone meal, blue sand and, micro-nutrients on plant and, trees is the most complete organic treatment. The Mycorrhizae program is comprised of a system of beneficial bacteria, known as "rhizobacteria".  This type of bacteria works to improve the overall health of shrubs and, trees and, comes in a liquid formula that is drenched on the plantings.  It promotes new root growth, general healthy plant growth and, works to provide a defense against soil borne diseases for root systems.  It has been found that shrubs and, trees that have larger amounts of rhizobacteria live longer, experience fewer diseases and, need fewer chemical treatments.

Mulching Tree Wells, Flowerbeds & Gardens

The benefits of mulch are enormous: it it totally natural, it retains moisture, returns the nutrients (Nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium) to the soil, induce worm activity, keeps soil temperature normal, it is aesthetically pleasing, helps keep weeds out, etc...

We have some grades of mulch for different uses as listed below:

1. Arborist Chips
Is mixed mulch, containing wood, bark, twigs and sometimes leaves. This multi-textured mulch is excellent for mulching plants and, trees. It is also good for heeling in landscape plants. It is well suited for use on nature walks and, pathways and, has a very natural appearance.

2. Playground Mulch

This wood product is safety certified for playground surfaces. It is grey in color.


Because trees are everywhere it has never been more important to be aware of the health and well being of the trees on your property.  Trees that are healthy provide many different benefits for your home value, landscape, and even to the environment. Trees that are not healthy can work in the opposite way and can actually pose serious threats to property and people.  This potential threat does not outweigh the many benefits of trees, but does warrant a bit extra attention and, monitoring.

If you have trees on your property that concern you or, if you are just looking for general piece of mind, a professional examination by a licensed arborist can provide you with all of the information you need to make the proper decisions regarding your trees.

Contact:   (808) 319 8236.

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                                                                       App: http://www.appcat.com/hawaiiarboristservices
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Sometimes you have to cut down a tree in your yard and, it may seem like a major project but, it’s actually straightforward when compared with removing a stump.  Stump removal is a lot more involved, which is why it’s not usually included in the estimate or, total cost of tree removal. It’s also why many people have old stumps in their yards; they're eyesores, they're hazardous and, take up valuable space in your yard. Stump removal isn’t easy, but it is doable. You’ll get the job done more quickly and easily when you use the right techniques and, methods, such as: burning, rotting, chemical removal, yank it by hand or, leave it to the professionals: we'll grind it down.